Let's Go Fishing
Delaware Valley Kayak Fishing

Our club is an ACA Paddle America Club.а

To Join the DVKF choose 1 of 3 options:

  • Click on the waiver form link below, download the correct form from the ACA website (adult waiver or child waiver form), fill out the form with signature, your payment to the ACA, and bring it with you to the next club trip or meeting.а
  • You may also e-mail the Club President Mark Zimmerman.а His e-mail address isаmzim4272@comcast.net а He will provide you with a mailing address.а
  • Another optionаis to mail the form and your payment directly to the ACA.а Remember to indicate on theаwaiver form your affiliation to the Delaware ValleyаKayak and Canoe Fishing Club (OurаPAC name)а

Waiver Forms

Total Membership cost is $40.00 per year. The following is a breakdown.

  • Club Dues: $10.00 per calendar year.а Payment is due by February 1st of every year.а Checks should be made out to Delaware Valley Kayak Fishing.

  • ACA Insurance: $30.00 per year (waived for current members and billed directly by the ACA on a 12 month cycle after first joining.а Checks should be made out to American Canoe Association.

Included in the ACA insurance cost is a subscription to Paddler Magazine, American Canoeist online newsletter, and access to ACA events.а Most importantly, the club gets legal and liability coverage so that we can hold trips and outings.а Without the coverage, liability would fall directly on the club's members.

The club dues cover club costs such as the PAC fee, website, and message board, and annual club picnic.

Dues will be prorated if you join during the year.


DVKF meetings will occur on an as needed basis during the fishing season, and at least one time per month over the winter months.а All meetings are now held at the Red Hill Fire House in Red Hill PA.а Meetings dates are subject to change so please check the schedule and message board to verify.