Let's Go Fishing
Delaware Valley Kayak Fishing
DVKFаclub is comprised ofаa group ofаpeopleаfrom Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey who enjoy fishing from kayaksаin aаvariety of environments such as lakes, rivers, bays, and the ocean.а Our club began in August 2005 when 3 current members decided to provide a way for kayak fisherman in our area to connect.а We began with 7 members and have grown to 30.а The club meets a few times a year to exchange fishing techniques, stories, and places to fish.а During the fishing season which runs from April to November, the club has at leastаtwo club outings per month.а The club is open to anyone who shares a similar desire to fish from kayaks.ааIn addition, the members frequently get together outside of club sponsored events to fish. The DVKF is an American Canoe Association affiliated club. If you would like more information please click on the join DVKF link or e-mail the club at: mzim4272@comcast.net